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Tribest Juicer

Tribest Citristar Electric Citrus Juicer Review


Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

Tribest Citristar Electric Citrus JuicerThe Tribest Citristar Electric Citrus Juicer is one of the top rated juicers. In this review we will take you through all the different features of this juicer. Then you will get to take a look at why users love their Tribest Juicer with some real customer reviews. Lastly you can head over to the best price online for this top rated juicer.



Features Of The Tribest Citrus Juicer

  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Locking spout that is stainless steel that pours juice directly into cup, very cool! 😆
  • Adjustable cord makes for easy storage.
  • Has a cool auto start & stop w/ an one touch operation.
  • Small fine stainless steel screen, which prevents clogging.
  • Quiet, easy to use and very powerful.
  • 85 watt motor.
  • Size; 10.7×8.2×8.1 inches



 Customer Reviews of the Citristar Juicer


Here are some REAL customer reviews:

Powerful citrus juicerTribest Citristar Electric Citrus Juicer

This juicer is great for citrus – lemons, limes, oranges. Easy to use and easy to clean. Most important….when you press down on the fruit, the motor keeps going and you get every last drop of juice. The motor does not stop as you add pressure, like many…Read more

Fantastic product!

This well-thought-out little juicer has turned the backyard orange tree into one of my favorite things. It works perfectly and is well-designed in every aspect. It is easy to take apart and clean and without dribbling juice everywhere. It is activated when you press the orange down on it, so is energy efficient. The reamer is sharp enough to really get everything out of the…Read more

Awesome:) glad i purchased this one 🙂

Thanks to everyone that posted a review 🙂 i have wanted an electric juicer for the longest time. It was truely the reviews on here that helped me decide on this model. There r so many to choose from. This juicer is powerful, sturdy and quiet. Looks good too 🙂 top pieces come off to throughly clean. Very happy to have this one. Thanks again to amazon review posters for helping me choose a juicer. Buy this one. I will…Read more


Where Can You Get The

Tribest Citristar Electric Citrus Juicer


The Tribest Citristar Electric Citrus Juicer is loved by most users and you can see for yourself by all the great reviews. This is also one of the lowest priced juicers, so if your budget is under $50.00 than the Tribest Citrus Juicer could be the best juicer for you. We have done tons of research and have found Amazon has the best price online for this cheap juicer, take a look below…

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